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Why should I visit Tienen?

Tienen is a town with a very long history, dating back to 10.500 B.C., in the Mesolithicum. Many Roman artifacts were found during excavations (like in the three Tumuli), many of whom you can see in the town’s museum. During the Medieval times, Tienen was one of the 7 important Brabantian cities.

Today Tienen is a cozy provincial town where you can find anything you need: you can go shopping in the many shops, enjoy fine dining and drinks, and thanks to the many splendid monuments and fun activities you will certainly never get bored here.

In short, Tienen is an old but vibrant town!

How can I get to Tienen by car? Where can I park?

Tienen is ideally located for car users, close to the E40 motorway. From neighbouring towns, there are approach roads (Leuvensesteenweg, Aarschotsesteenweg, Diestsesteenweg, Sint-Truidensesteenweg) that provide a convenient car connection. Parking is available at one of the many car parks.

Can I come to Tienen by public transit?

Although it looks somewhat derelict, begging for renevation, Tienen station is conveniently located on the railway line between Liège and the coast. So you get there directly by train from many major Belgian cities: Bruges, Ghent, Brussels, Leuven, Hasselt, Genk, Mons, Liège,… You can also get directly to Tienen by bus from most of the surrounding towns and cities.

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